We have a dog; can we bring it?

  100% YES!  We just need to make sure the location we choose is dog friendly (I haven’t found one yet that isn’t!)!  

How many photos will you take?

  Over the space of the hour or two we are together, I can shoot hundreds shots!  Especially if there are toddlers moving about a lot!  However, part of the service is that I choose the best 20-40 images (more for larger families) to show you, where the lighting...

I want to shed a few pounds before I book. What do you think?

  I reckon 99% of my mum clients tell me they want to lose a few pounds before they book.  My issue with this is – YOU ARE GORGEOUS THE WAY YOU ARE!!!  It is so common to feel insecure in front of the camera, but I will give you tips on what to wear in...

Can I share my images online?

  YES!  I would love it if you wanted to as I know that is pretty much the way every shares their images nowadays!  The only thing I ask is that when you do, I’d be so grateful for a credit and tag or a website mention alongside the memories I’ve...

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