5 Reasons To Book a

Family Photo Shoot

“The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way.”

An outdoor family photo shoot is the perfect way to capture heart melting, smile enducing and happy portraits for your home.  

If you’re undecided about booking a family photo shoot, have a look at my “5 Reasons To Book A Family Photo Shoot”, and see for yourself why it’s a great idea for your family this year! 

Collection Three family photo shoot
Collection Two family photo shoot

1.  It’s for the whole family

You may be a family of 2 or 20!  If you want to bring cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents and friends, so much the better!  But, however many of you there are, a photoshoot is for the whole family.  Even the four-legged ones!  Outdoor family photo shoots are a great way to gather whether you have a young family with babies and toddlers, or your children are grown and flying the nest; everyone can be involved, and no one is stuck behind the camera!

family photoshoot in sevenoaks kent

2.  Each session is all about YOUR family

There is a certain amount of advice I can give you in terms of locations, time of day, what to wear and bring, but every session is all about YOU!  So it doesn’t matter if you want a more formal session with everyone looking their finest, or you would rather capture memories of your family exactly how they are every day.  I include a phone consultation in all my bookings so that we can discuss exactly what you are looking for.

Collection Three family photo shoot
Collection Two family photo shoot

3.  I talk a lot about making memories – and we really will….

If you’re a parent readying this, I’m sure you’re same as me and you can’t believe how fast time flies once you start a family!  Every week with tiny babies brings new changes and milestones.   And do you find, as the kids get older, time seems to speed up and you struggle to remember those gorgeous details of their little faces just a few months ago?

And this is where a family photoshoot proves so important.  Capturing those wonderful memories as they grow; memories that will adorn the walls of your home which the whole family can look back on in the years to come.

family photoshoot in sevenoaks kent

4.  Every time you look at the portraits on your walls, it will make you smile

Our lives are so busy these days.  Do you find it’s rare that you take a moment to take stock and appreciate your family?  I know I suffer from this.  However, as I rush down the stairs each morning, and I catch a glimpse of the portraits of the kids at the tops of the stairs, it always brings a smile to my face and a glow in my heart!  And if I’m in sitting in the living room and my eyes wander to the wall above the mantlepiece and I see the frame of family pictures there, I take a deep, satisfied breath and a little grin always creeps onto my face!  You’ll have this ‘problem’ too once you’ve got beautiful memories on the walls of your home!  (Although, I don’t really think of it as a problem!)

boy amongst lavender on a family photo shoot
Collection Three family photo shoot
Collection Two family photo shoot

5.  Whatever the reason, you’ll be capturing THIS moment in time

With families constantly growing and changing, sometimes it’s hard to take stock and appreciate what you’ve got!  And then relations get married, little people come along, loved ones pass away.  All these things are the natural course of life and it’s these things that shape us into the people we become.  Photographs capture these important and precious memories and freeze them in time.  I think it’s so important to grab the now, rather than looking back at some point in the future, and wondering why you never took the time to have some family photos taken.

family photoshoot in sevenoaks kent

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