Back in the spring, I was very lucky to have access to an orchard of cherry trees at Bentinck Farm just outside Tunbridge Wells.  I had a vision in my mind of beautiful blossom, girls in gorgeous gowns and wonderful warm and soft evening light! 

As it turned out, the forecast wasn't quite on point, but two out of three ain't bad!!!

Twin sisters, Evie and Grace have become regular muses of mine.  We have ventured into the bluebells before, but this time, I knew they would look gorgeous frolicking amongst the cherry blossom! One evening, back in May, we were forecast a lovely sunny evening, so we all piled on up to the orchard, with a wardrobe of outfits to try out and a skip in our step.

The girls love to strike a pose and are great at pulling a 'modelling' face, so we were able to capture some brilliant moody shots as well as gorgeous smiley portraits that I know their parents love!

I'm already looking forward to finding a local autumnal location to take these girls to when the leaves are turning later in the year, and chunky knits will be the accessory of choice!  But until then, I'm not wishing the summer away quite yet, and I'm enjoying looking back on the lovely springtime blossom we had.

Bentinck Farm is just outside Tunbridge Wells in Pembury.  It is a small, independent farm growing apples, cherries and cobnuts.  They offer a brilliant RENT YOUR OWN TREE scheme.  Check it out here.

To see these beautiful twin sisters modelling for me again in the springtime bluebells, please click here.

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