A summer dawn at Penshurst Place in Kent - 2019

We're very lucky in Tunbridge Wells and in the South East in general, to have a plethora of attractions and places to visit, that offer interest for us adults as well as the childlren.  One of the best memberships I invest in each year is my family membership at Penshurst Place.  I came here regularly as a child and I have enourmously enjoyed being able to return with my children and introduce them to the magic that it holds. 

Earlier this year, I was granted very special access to the formal gardens at Penshurst Place to take some photographs as the sun rose over the historic house and grounds.  Just three days shy of the summer solstice, I set my alarm for 3.45am and set off.

2019 - Dawn at PP June 007

There is something entirely magical and mystical about a summer dawn;  there is no noise from planes or cars, the grey light grows almost imperceptibly and the sky gradually takes on beautiful pinks and oranges, and the birds begin their beautiful chorus.....when you have a place like Penshurst to yourself, it is an amazing privilege!

June is a beautiful time of year in any garden.  And the extraordinary and lovingly tended gardens here are a spectacular showcase of sumptuous summer colours.  The famous peonies had sadly been hit by some unseasonably heavy rain a few days before, but even with heavy, wilting heads, they still hold enormous charm and are my favourite part of the gardens! 

The hedges are kept wonderfully manicured and create lovely leading lines to view points and places of interest; the sun slowly rising in the background is one of nature's most beautiful spectacles.

As it was so quiet and peaceful I was also extremely lucky to have some close encounters with some of the local residents!

My little ones and I will be spending a lot of time at Penshurst Place over the summer holidays (admittedly a little later in the day than this visit!).  As well as the fabulous formal gardens, the adventure playground is a huge favourite of ours.  In addition to that, on 13th July, the infamous Maize Maze will be opening again for those of you intrepid enough to try it. 

Oh, and cafe sells delicious ice cream too!

To see a beautiful autumn dawn at Penshurst Place, please click here.

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