Documenting your family; year after year

As a photographer, I am always striving to improve.  I take courses, I watch webinars and practise my skills.  It is a great reward to look back on my work and see how much I have improved over the years.

A great way for me to gauge my progress is to look back on the work I've done.  It's even easier when you have lovely clients who have come back every summer for the last 6 years to have their annual family photo session.


In 2015, to celebrate Baby James' first birthday, his Mum and Dad commissioned me to do a family photoshoot for them.  It was a very bright, summers day and there are so many things I have learnt since then about the best time of day, backdrops, light and shade! 


The following summer, James turned two and was a much quicker target to try and capture.  This time we were at his Grandparents house in their (large) back garden which taught me a number of things about obstacles, distance from subject and using props!


Moving into 2017,  just before James celebrated his third birthday, he welcomed his new baby sister Emily into the family, so this was another ideal opportunity to document the growing family.


By 2018, I was really beginning to find my rhythm and style and a lot of that came with the attention to detail.  High sun is a very challenging environment in which to photograph, so it's about finding the shady parts of the park and looking for the best opportunity for light.  That along with trying to snap some candid shots of the kids as they explore and run about keeps me on my toes!!


The summer of 2019 saw James turning 5 and Emily turning 2.  Fabulous ages for natural smiles.  In 2019 I was also starting to enter images into competition to see how my skills were coming along, so I was delighted when a portrait of James won me a bronze award from the Guild of Photographers.


My most recent shoot with this gorgeous family had to be a socially distanced one this year.  I predominantly shoot on a 135mm prime lens which lends itself perfectly to staying a safe 2m plus from my clients.  I'm really honing my posing skills and working hard on my editing style to keep galleries consistent.  That's something that I really enjoy about photography; there is never a point when you know everything there is to know.  It's a constant learning curve - not least with changing technology - and I always enjoy meeting and talking with my clients before, during and after shoots.  I find it a hugely rewarding job to have and I count myself very lucky to be entrusted to capture lasting memories for my clients. 

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