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On a recent sunny winter morning, I headed off to meet with Ben Adam-Smith from House Planning Help to take some updated headshots and, more importantly, to take some images of his beautiful new self-build family home.  A long time in the planning, I can't imagine how thoroughly satisfying it must be to finally move in and see how all your hard work and commitment has finally paid off.

2019 - House Planning Help 020

The house is particularly interesting and special because it is a 'passive house'.  This means that it is "a building in which thermal comfort can be achieved solely by post-heating or post-cooling the fresh air flow required for a good indoor air quality, without the need for additional recirculation of air."  Over simplifying it, there is no heat loss through windows or door frames and thus you can save yourself a packet in heating and energy bills.

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Ben and his wife employed the services of a designer to help them choose the finishing interior touches to their grand build, and I have to say, the house looks really, very special.  There is an effortless elegance to everything; a wonderful spacial awareness with light, airy rooms as well as cozy, comfortable spaces.

When it came to capturing images of the house for Ben, the brief was to evoke  a sense of the house being lived in and loved, rather than a picture perfect show house.  The project has been a true labour of love and so the finished product is very much a family home - including all the detritus that goes with family living!

And finally we grabbed a couple of updated headshots - coz you can never had enough headshots!

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