.....actually and truly found it.  I wonder if many people really, honestly find THE thing it is that they were meant to do, or the person they were meant to be.   I think there isn't necessarily one single thing for everyone.  But, for me, after working away over the years at a job I accidentally fell into, the journey I have taken in my life has led me, finally, to here. 

It's what I think about throughout the day......it's what I dream of at night. 

Taking photographs.

Capturing moments, freezing time, recording something that might otherwise go unnoticed and pass, forgotten, into history.

The big events are wonderful and it's fabulous to have a pictorial record of those big days.  But it's also the incidentals that I love; the everyday, the mundane....well, the forgettable.

If I could change one thing in my life......it would be that I had come to this realisation so much sooner!  I also wish the technology had been around earlier in my life so that I could have snapped away like we can now with camera phones.  Don't get me wrong, I had a camera for most of my double digit life and my family and friends became quite used to me pointing a film camera at them on a regular basis.  But as a career, being a photographer only took off after starting a family and with hindsight, I just imagine the photographic journey I might have undertaken if I had dared to turn a hobby into something more when I was much younger!

And the side message in all this is......if you do have a cameraphone full of precious snaps of you and your family or you have a bridge camera or even a big expensive full frame camera that takes digital images, don't leave those precious images to languish in perpetual digital ether.  Give yourself a kick up the proverbial and get them printed out! 

Check out what I do each year with my photos.

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