I am very lucky to have been granted very special access to Penshurst Place House and Gardens on a number of occasions now.  Each visit, out of hours either before the sunrises or just before it sets, is a therapy all of its' own.  Being able to wander the grounds of the formal gardens with no one else around, to hear the lyrical bird song at dawn or dusk, to breathe in the scents of the glorious blooms.....it is truly magical!

2020 - May dawn at PP 013

Penshurst Place is famous for its' 100 meter long peony border which explodes with pastels, pinks and perfection each year.  Normally, it's at its' height in the middle of June, but in 2020, alongside the restrictions of lockdown, the spring weather has been unusually hot and dry and this year, the peonies arrived early.   If you haven't ever been to see the peonies, I can't recommend a trip to Penshurst Place highly enough.  They are able to open from Wednesday 3rd June 2020, and you will need to book either a morning or an afternoon slot in advance online.  The peonies will only be around for a fleeting couple of weeks, so if you can't get there this year, just pause a moment and watch the slideshow below to drink in the wonder that is my favourite flower in the whole world!

2020 - May dawn peony border at PP 017

As well as all the glory of the gardens, there is an abundance of bird life at Penshurst Place.  I find one of the most rewarding things about being a photographer is watching and capturing images of wildlife doing what they do best.  In the tranquility of the formal gardens at dawn, watching gold finches, blue tits, robins, blackbirds, a green woodpecker and even a heron flying and flitting about, feeding, nesting and singing is a wholly restorative and therapeutic experience.  If you are finding lockdown hard, I can't recommend getting up and out before anyone else, and being at one with nature.   

I've put together a little 2 minute slideshow of loveliness - grab a couple of sips of tea, sit back and let nature take you away!

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