Puppy Love

I genuinely adore getting calls from clients wanting a pet photography session.  Dogs are just such gorgeous, soppy people and it is a real joy to spend an hour in their company!

It was  even more of a pleasure, when I was asked to photograph the absolute dream.  TEN bundles of utter cuteness!

On the most beautiful of summer evenings, and in the glorious garden at my clients' home, it was pure bliss to bundle about with this litter of 6 week old labrador/retriever puppies.

I was quick to learn that they loved to chew everything!  Shoes, bags, TOES!  And they just wanted to explore everything!

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

    I could very easily have come home with one of these gorgeous bundles!  However, they have all been promised to their forever homes and I know they will bring a huge amount of joy to their families for many years to come!

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