Going for Qualification

2020 has had it's fair share of ups and downs.  Well, let's be honest, not so many ups and a whole lot of downs....it has been challenging on so many levels for everyone and I think there won't be many people who are sad to see the back of this year!

With all the negative vibes flying around, I knew I needed to set myself a project to keep myself upbeat and focussed on something that would bring me a bit of joy. 

I am a member of the Guild of Photographers, and through this organisation, it is possible to gain qualifications by submitting imagery for judgement by a panel of awe inspiring photographer judges.

It's an idea I toyed with 18 months ago and never had the courage to follow through with!  But this time, with nothing better to do and my own conscience niggling away at me, I signed up for some mentoring and took the plunge!

For a Qualification Panel, I was required to submit 21 images in the chosen genre.  These needed to be 3 images from 7 separate shoots, but the 21 images together needed to be a coherent set that clearly showed my style. 

It's a real task to pick out the ones that might work and having sent through some images for consideration by my mentor (the wonderful Saraya Courtaville), I was completely gobsmacked when she said with just a few tweaks the images were ready for submission! 

And so, once those tweaks were completed, off my panel of 21 images went!  (Cue; nail-biting wait!!)

Here is my panel

I cannot explain to you the utter pleasure it was to receive an email from Guild HQ a few weeks after my submission, to tell me that I had PASSED!

Photography is my passion, it is my therapy.  Being outdoors, meeting clients and creating wonderful memories for them to cherish is beyond a joy!

But it isn't half wonderful to get an endorsement from The Guild of Photographers too!

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  • Debra O'Connor

    4 days ago

    Beautiful images, and congratulations - great achievement x

  • Anna Kennedy

    4 weeks ago

    Hugh congratulations on this achievement! It's not easy getting qualified by the Guild of Photographers, well done you :)

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