Re-use and recycle after Christmas this year - Georgina Edwards Photography
Tunbridge Wells Photographer, Georgina Edwards Photography

Re-use & Recycle:

environmentally friendly things to do after Christmas is over

1. Instead of throwing away your Christmas cards, just cut off the bit with the message on and keep the front of the card for next years present labels….

2. If you’ve had a real tree, before you chuck it out, whip out your handy chainsaw (or just a saw!), and cut off a thin chunk from the trunk of the tree. You children can decorate these to hang on the tree next year. (N.B. next year why not hire a Christmas tree?).

3. Don’t chuck the turkey bones – boil down the bones to make stock and freeze ice cube portions in your freezer.

4. If you’ve had family sized tubs of chocolate over the festive season, use them to keep and sort out toys/lego or your own ‘stuff’.

5. Don’t throw out wrapping paper that can be re-used……if you’ve got younger children and are likely to have pass the parcel at a birthday party in 2019, you can wrap layers with left over Christmas wrapping – they’ll never notice!

If you've got any recycling ideas that you employ after Christmas, I'd love to hear them!

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