Who doesn't adore the colours of Autumn?  I'm sure everyone must do, but I think photographers probably love them most!!  It is such a beautiful time of year to be outside.  When you catch a sunny day with no breeze, the sun hits your face and you can almost feel the vitamin D pouring through your veins!  The sun is low in the sky offering up beautiful light and dreamy scenes...

2020 has obviously proved pretty challenging for all of us.  That's why I find it so important to get out and about; take in the fresh air; get away from the four walls of home.  Without being able to socialise in the same way we're used to, my Walk and Talk activities are helping to keep me sane.  It's an added bonus when you get scenery like this!

An outing to Sheffield Park is a huge favourite for all my family.  I love it because of the tranquil setting; the kids love it because of all the trees they can climb and the adventures they can have.  If we tire of the gardens, the wider parkland opens up a wealth of further exploration opportunities...

2020 - Sheffield Park in Autumn 001

When I visited in early October 2020, I noticed a wonderful array of different fungi including the wonderful fly agaric toadstool which I always imagine sprites and fairies sitting upon when the public go home for the day!

2020 - Sheffield Park in Autumn 013
  • 2020 - Sheffield Park in Autumn 012
  • 2020 - Sheffield Park in Autumn 014
  • 2020 - Sheffield Park in Autumn 006
  • 2020 - Sheffield Park in Autumn 005

We are extremely lucky in the South East where we have a great choice of National Trust properties within very short distances of home; Scotney Castle, Ightam Mote, Sissinghurst Castle, Bodiam Castle to name a few.  See what amazing close animal encouters you can have on a day trip to Knole Park NT.  But in the meantime, just sit back and breathe in the beauty of autumn.....

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