Day trips to London from Tunbridge Wells:

with kids

January can seem like a very long month, can't it?  Christmas and New Year are over; the weather is a bit pants and there's not much to look forward to until February.  February is a nice short month, it encompasses Valentine's day and we start to see the beginnings of spring with the arrival of snow drops and crocuses. 

But until then, I find it's just a bit grey, samey and depressing! 

I had this recently and rather than wallow at home for yet another inside day, I put on my big girl pants and headed out for a day trip to the Natural History Museum and London.

It's no mean feat to drag a 3 and 7 year old up to the Big Smoke, and I can't pretend I was doing this on my own!  Hubby was with me too, so together,  all four of us jumped on the train (which is quite an adventure in itself for my two!) from Tunbridge Wells' 2nd station, High Brooms, and within an hour we had landed at Charing Cross Station.

Rather than head down to the underground, we opted for a bus ride so the kids could look out of the windows and as it was a nice sunny day for a change, had a pretty good view of the route the number 9 bus gave us from just outside Charing Cross.

To reach our final destination, we got off at the stop just before the Royal Albert Hall and walked down Exhibition Road, past the Science Museum (another great place to take the kids another time), and into the Natural History Museum. 

Inside the museum, there is genuinely so much to see and do.  On a busy Sunday in January, it was pretty crowded, but we never felt overwhelmed by people.  There are many different rooms and exhibitions and spaces to explore; at the time of writing, the famous blue whale skeleton hangs magestically in the Hintze Hall and was amazing to see.  It was lovely to show the kids Andy's clock and the building itself is just beautiful.

We were able to happily fill a good 2-3 hours and that was with a three year old in tow!  Once they (we!) had had enough, we walked back up Exhibition Road to the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens and enjoyed some winter sunshine while the kids had a run around.  We jumped back on a passing number 9 bus and it was a very easy journey back to Charing Cross with two, by now, quite tired children!

All in all, it was a really enjoyable day and I can highly recommend a visit to the Natural History Museum any time.  Slightly older children may get more out of it if they happen to have school projects which they could tie in with the trip, but it certainly wasn't a disappointment for my 3 year old girl and the 7 year old found so much of interest.

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