Pet Portraits with a difference....

I received  a fascinating brief from a client recently.  As a birthday gift for his dog loving wife, he wanted not just the usual portrait of her gorgeous doggy, but macro (close up) shots of the intricacies and textures of the dogs' fur which is very specific to the particular breed; Hungarian wire haired vizslas.  I was intrigued from the off, and couldn't wait to meet the dog and his owner, so on a bright midweek morning, I set off for Dunorlan Park on the edge of Tunbridge Wells, to see what I could achieve.

Whiskey was as good as gold and sat beautifully while I got up close and personal to capture shots of the beautiful swirls and lines of his fur.  

And of course, there was no way he was leaving without a perfect pet portrait, so he waited patiently for his headshot and full length portrait too!

If you have a delightful doggy who you would love to have photographed, please do get in touch to find out about making a booking for your very own Pet Portrait Session.

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