Sunset Children's Photography

Most people will agree that nature's light at sunrise and sunset is the most beautiful and flattering of the day.  When the sun is low in the sky, light falls on a subject from the side avoiding hooded shadows; the glow is golden and soft creating beautiful shapes and warm hues - if only we could walk around with a portable setting sun on us all the time!

One evening a few weeks ago when we had a mini heatwave and the oil seed fields were in beautiful full bloom, I headed out into the countryside just outside Tunbridge Wells for a lovely shoot with Ella and her mum.

We brought a few different outfits and had a real giggle running up and down the field, swishing hair and trying to pout like a fashion model!

For families with younger children, it's a bit more difficult to get out at sunset during the summer months because the days are so long.  But when autumn comes, when days are short and autumnal colours catch rays of setting sun and fire up the sky, it can be a really rewarding time of year to capture beautiful, memorable family portraits.

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