Lifestyle newborn photography:

documentary images of your new baby in your own home

Oh, I love a newborn!  They are so tiny and wrinkly and (puts on a cutesy voice) so, so squidgy! I can't tell you how much I love being invited into a clients home to photograph the new addition to the family.  And I'll be honest, I also love being able to leave after a few hours to return to my home where my kids are that little bit older and don't keep me up all night long anymore!!

For a few years now, I have offered at-home newborn studio sessions in and around the Tunbridge Wells area.  They are great fun and I really enjoy the artistry of creating beautiful newborn imagery in a studio setting. 

However, this style of photography is generally only possible with babies up to about 3 weeks old; the sessions take a lot of time and energy both from me and my clients, so I am extremely pleased to now also offer 'lifestyle' newborn photography sessions.

These sessions can be taken from birth up to about the time your little one starts sitting up, so if you're reading this with a baby over 3 weeks old in your arms and you think you've missed the opportunity to get beautiful images of your baby, DON'T PANIC, it's still entirely possible to book in for a lifestyle newborn photography session.

Sessions last up to two hours and take place in your own home.  I bring a few bits with me - a wrap or two; a hat or hair tie if you would like a more styled session - but apart from that, the session itself is very unstructured and revolves very much around you, your baby and any siblings or furry friends in the family.  I love to include feeding images, sleepy and awake pictures and of course, if you have an older child or children, hugging and kissing shots are my favourites.

Lifestyle newborn photography session

To find out more about booking a session and the package prices for a lifestyle newborn shoot, please hop on over to my information page here.

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