When you work for yourself

I am self employed and consequently, I spend most of my week working alone.  I love going out on shoots with clients, but the largest part of my working week is spent at my desk on a computer, either editing galleries, or carrying out general business administration.  There's a potential for it to be quite lonely!

So when I started my journey into photography as a business, rather than just a (passionate) hobby, I realised it was important to be able to continue to grow and improve in skill, not only from a business perspective, but also to motivate me to carry on working and keep myself driven when I didn't have anyone else around to push me!

Very early on, I visited a photography roadshow and was introduced to the Guild Of Photographers.  Since then, I have been genuinely humbled when my photographs have been acknowledged by them as award winning.  I have been working hard to improve my skills and when a professional body recognises that hard work, it is so rewarding!

People Photos

Landscape & Wildlife

I am somewhat amazed that Vogue have published a number of my images!  Have a look at them here.

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