Photographing your family year after year


Photographing your family is one of my greatest pleasures.  I genuinely love meeting people and I love a chat!  Therefore, it’s a huge compliment when clients come back to me to photograph their family year after year.

It’s also a great opportunity to see how my work has changed and developed over the years.  I continue to learn, train and experiment.  Finding a style is an ongoing process.  Consequently, I have found it can change as technology progresses and I have become more expert in my craft.


In 2015, to celebrate Baby James’ first birthday, I was commissioned me to do a family photo shoot for them.  So on a bright summers day, I chased James around a local park and captured his sunny personality.  Since then, I have learnt so many things about the best time of day, backdrops, light and shade! 


The following summer, James turned two and his Mum & Dad asked me back again to capture some images to celebrate his birthday.  This time he was a much quicker target to try and capture!  For this shoot, we were in their large back garden which taught me a number of things about obstacles, distance from subject and using props!


Just before James celebrated his third birthday, he welcomed baby sister Emily into the family.  This was another wonderful opportunity to document the growing family.  Being able to conduct the shoot in the same location as the previous year was obviously really helpful to the family with such a tiny baby.  Also, it meant that an energetic and bubbly three year old James was contained within the confines of the garden!!


In the summer of 2018, James was turning four and Emily was a a toddly one year old.  We met at Dunorlan Park and I was really beginning to find my rhythm and style.  And a lot of that came from attention to detail.  For example, high sun is a very challenging environment in which to photograph, so it’s about finding the shady parts of the park and looking for the best opportunity for light.  That, along with trying to snap some candid shots of the kids as they explored and ran about, kept me on my toes!


The summer of 2019 saw James turning five and Emily turning 2 (is it just me or does time seem to be flying by!).  That year I was also starting to enter images into competition to see how my skills were progressing.  I was beyond thrilled when a portrait of James was given a Bronze Award from the Guild of Photographers.

We are repeat customers and make sure we have a family session each year. With the kids growing up fast this is such a great memory. Georgina is relaxed, professional and has numerous venues up her sleeve! And we always get to see the results within a short space of time. Great photos, excellent quality…thoroughly recommended.”


The summer of 2020 was a socially distanced session in Hargate Forest.  However, as I predominantly shoot on a 135mm prime lens, this lends itself perfectly to keeping a safe 2 meters from my clients.  I was really honing my posing skills and working hard on my editing style to keep galleries consistent.  This is  something that I really enjoy about photography; there is never a point when you heave learnt everything there is to know.  It is a constant learning curve. 


In 2021, we had a rather overcast day.  However, this wasn’t a problem.  I find this means that open spaces are less challenging.  But it can mean that images are a bit ‘flatter’.  Therefore it’s fun to play around with post production editing a bit more.

We had some beautiful fields of unripe corn to wander through this year.  The children are getting quite big now and are happier to ‘pose’ for their photos!  However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t keep my on my toes!

If you would like to make photographing YOUR family an annual project, get in touch to find out about my family photography packages and discounts for returning customers.

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