In Love With Autumn

2022 has proved to present a funny old Autumn.  The ‘false’ autumn of the summer after so many weeks of dry weather hinted at a very early autumn.  But the warm weather of the summer has lingered and at the end of October, temperatures are still regularly hitting the mid to late teens!  So in the end, the autumn colours have been quite late to develop. 

BUT, what hasn’t been slow to poke their heads up from the ground, are the amazing array of fungi that I have been spotting out and about.  Whatever combo of just the right amount of rain and the warm temperatures mean that I have never seen such a display of amazing colours, shapes and sizes.

I have been out and about with both my ‘proper’ camera as well as my ancient i-phone camera and have been truly stunned by Mother Nature’s offerings of fungi this year.  Take a look for yourself and if you are clever enough to know any of their names, do let me know in the comments!