You’ve booked your family photo shoot, you’ve planned out what you’re all going to wear and you’ve even persuaded the reluctant teen to come along.  Now, if you’re wondering how on earth I actually manage to photograph moody teenagers, read on!

The news is good!  You don’t need to worry about it at all as this is where I step in.  You can take a back seat in the daily challenges of parenting and leave all the negotiations to me (for a couple of hours at least!)…


  • I’ll talk to your teens!

I love a good chat and getting to know people. If your teenager is a bit camera shy, starting a conversation about what they’ve been up to, what their interests are, and how rubbish Mums are for making them come to a stupid photo shoot, all help to make everyone relax and more open to having their picture taken. I’ll also ask them what images THEY would like to capture as they might just have some great ideas!

  • We don’t always need a smile

Whilst I do try and get a ‘posed’ family shot at some point during your photo session, it’s not essential.  Therefore if your teen isn’t up for that, the nature of my style is pretty informal, so we can just walk and talk, and I’ll snap away whilst subtly creating moments they won’t even notice!

family walking outdoors

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  • Action shots are great

If you’ve got an active or sporty teenager, action shots are a great way to capture some memorable images. So whether they are football fanatics, skateboarders, dancers or runners, getting them to engage in activities that they enjoy will really help to break down any barriers and allow me get some great shots.

photograph moody teenagers
  • Bring some of their favourite things

As I mentioned above, if they have a sport they enjoy, bringing a ball to the shoot is a great idea (we’ll just need to discuss appropriate locations first).  However, even if they are into indoor hobbies, bringing along a prop for them to focus on is a really easy way of taking the focus off the photography. For example, if they’re a bookworm bring a favourite book; if they’re a musician (and have a portable instrument!) that is most welcome along!  Or we can even make a feature out of their mobile phone which I’m sure will never be far away during your shoot!

  • We’ll go for a walk

My family photography sessions generally revolve around a family walk. This is a great way to get a mixture of backdrops for your images and keep everyone from getting bored. That’s because, on a walk, it’s really simple to capture unposed shots whilst mucking about.  Whether we instigate a running race, get some piggy backs going or climb some trees (them rather than me!) they’ll have fun.  If they’re still into cartwheels and handstands that’s great!  Or we can always see who’s the tallest/strongest/can jump the highest etc!

brothers piggy backing on a family photo shoot

So I hope I have been able to persuade you that you don’t need to worry about how I capture great images of your teenagers.  I’ve got loads of tricks up my sleeves to make your photo shoot enjoyable and fun for everyone!