Have you noticed the days are getting longer and just a little bit warmer? Have you loved seeing crocuses, snowdrops and now daffodils poking their heads up above the ground? It really won’t be long before our local bluebell woods are carpeted in swathes of brilliant blue hues again.  If you are looking forward to Nature’s annual bluebell display and you’re thinking about booking a bluebell mini photo shoot with me this year, I’m sure you’ll have some questions, so let me see if I can answer them for you here!


When is your bluebell mini photo shoot going to be?

I will run the sessions on Sunday 25th April & Sunday 2nd May 2021.


Who are the sessions suitable for?

One family group per session is ideal (parents & children – or just the children if you’d rather). If you want to include grandparents, friends, aunts, uncles or anyone else, you’ll need to book in for a full family photo shoot where I can dedicate more time to capturing beautiful images of all of you!

A family of four on a bluebell mini photo shoot

How long are the sessions?

Each session lasts no longer than 30 minutes, which is ample time to capture a lovely selection of images with different groupings and backdrops to give you a wealth of choice in your final gallery.

What should we wear?

Preparation is the key here.  Don’t leave your clothing choices to the last minute! Plan ahead and lay your ideas out together to see how they look.

Bluebell foliage is quite ‘acid green’, so a colour palette to complement the green of the leaves as well as the blue of the flowers might look like this.

Colour palette suggestions for bluebell mini shoot clothing suggestions

However, neutrals, pale/dusky pinks and stronger, more purple blues look fabulous in this setting.  Do try to avoid bold prints and clothing with logos or heavy patterns.

Having said that, the images are going to be of you and your family, so as long as you are all comfortable and happy, that is the main goal!

Bluebells generally peak towards the end of April.  This can sometimes (more often than not!) coincide with April Showers.  It’s worth checking what footwear you will need.  The location where I hold my mini bluebell sessions just outside Tunbridge Wells can get very muddy so you may need to don your wellies for the shoot.


What should we bring?

If you have toddling children, a small (preferably neutrally coloured) teddy is an excellent prop to bring.  It’s something for them to focus on if they are camera shy and it will make them feel at home.

For the slightly older, but pre-teen child, if there are any signs of reluctance, I will have a stash of sweets to use as bribery – I’ll check with you in advance if there are any food allergies or issues with this – and a wealth of really bad jokes which will hopefully raise a smile from even the most recalcitrant of kids!

If you’re bringing teens along, please don’t bring along footballs etc (see below “Is there anything else we should know?”), but I do like to have a good chat with them about what images they might like (or not like) and let them get to know me a little bit and we can go from there.

Find out how I photograph moody teenagers here!

Young sisters sitting together on a bluebell mini photo shoot

Is there anything else we should know?

Since 1981, bluebells have been a protected species as they are under threat from habitat loss, hybridization and the illegal trade of wild-collected bulbs. It is important that, whilst we enjoy them and capture some gorgeous images amongst them, we don’t trample them; so I will advise you carefully during our shoot to stick to paths and bare patches of ground ensuring we preserve the bluebells for generations to come.

Find out more about bluebells here.

Visit the National Trust’s website for bluebell wood locations in and around the South East.

If you would like to book your bluebell mini photo session, please get in touch today.

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