Reuse & Recycle


Five Top Tips

to reduce waste and help the environment once the Christmas festivities are over

1.   Christmas Cards

Instead of throwing away your Christmas cards, simply cut off the back part with the message on and keep the front of the card for next years present labels….

If you want to go even further, check out this simple template from Twinkl to turn your Christmas cards into festive baubles next year!  And, a favourite of mine (which I WILL try and do one year!) you can turn your cards into a spectacular Christmas Wreath!  Do send me a photo if you do this one!

a pile of christmas cards on a table ready to recycle after christmas
christmas cards on a table that have been turned into labels demonstrating how to recycle after christmas

2.   Real Christmas Trees

If you’ve had a real tree brightening up the corner of your living room for a few weeks, before you chuck it out, whip out your handy chainsaw (or just a saw!), and cut off a few thin chunks from the trunk of the tree.  Drill a hole into each slice of trunk and your children can decorate these to hang on the tree next year.

(N.B. next year why not explore the idea of hiring a Christmas tree (subjet to local availability)?)

3.   Turkey Bones

Don’t chuck the turkey bones – boil them in enough water to cover them and make delicious stock.  Freeze ice cube sized portions to throw into any stew for extra flavour all year round!

4.   Tubs of Sweets

This is one of my faves because I do like order in my home!  If you’ve had family sized tubs of chocolate over the festive season, use them to keep and sort out toys/lego/puzzles/pens or your own ‘stuff’.

5. Wrapping Paper

Don’t throw out wrapping paper that can be re-used……if you’ve got younger children and are likely to have pass-the-parcel at a birthday party in 2023, you can wrap layers with left over Christmas wrapping – they’ll never notice!

Go a step further and ask Father Christmas if he might like some to reuse when wrapping next years stocking presents……he must need a LOT! 😉

If you’ve got any brilliant recycling ideas that you employ after Christmas, I’d love to hear them!

Pop them in the comments below!


Merry Christmas

Ho, ho, ho!