There is something magical about Tunbridge Wells in the snow.  During the winter of 2021, we enjoyed a brief respite from the grip of another Covid lockdown.  Overnight on 8th February, a blanket of snow settled over Tunbridge Wells. 

tunbridge wells in the snow

Snow never seems to linger very long in the South East.  Thus I grabbed my camera and headed out for an epic walk around Tunbridge Wells.  I took in a lot of the more recognisable landmarks as well as small snowy details too.

Have a look here:

Dunorlan Park

Tunbridge Wells Common

Calverley Grounds

Tunbridge Wells Town Centre

The Pantiles

St. James Church

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Tunbridge Wells in the snow.  I wonder if we’ll see any snow in 2022.  Rest assured, I’ll be out and about with my camera if so!  

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