Family Photoshoot

What Happens On A

Are you considering booking your beautiful family in for a Family Portrait Session this year?  Are you unsure what happens during a photography session?  Are you worried there might be uncomfortable posing and that your kids won’t behave?


No Need To Worry

All of these are concerns my clients have had time and again.  But I promise you, my family photography sessions are fun, friendly and completely relaxed!  Take a look at the video to see what it’s like on a photography shoot with me…

Let’s Have Fun

My Family Photography Sessions tend to last for 1 – 2 hours; this will depend on the ages of your children!

The locations I return to time and again generally incorporate a circular route so that we can go for a walk, find different spots to play in and explore.  There is plenty of time for tree climbing, puddle splashing, running races, cuddles, tickle monster and hopefully lots and lots of laughter!

I will always start the session chatting to you and your children.  If your kids are on the younger side, I have some terrible jokes and tricks up my sleeve to get them used to me and I can show them my camera and explain what we’re going to be doing.


 There is a bit of ‘posing’

I generally try to get a ‘formal’ group shot with everyone looking at the camera at the start of the session.  I give gentle direction to get the most flattering poses from each set up and will try and coax those magical smiles out of your children.  It can be tempting for parents to tell the children what to do and where to look, but during your shoot, you can take a back seat on the parenting for a couple of hours.  Otherwise I find if children are getting instructions from multiple sources it can get a bit confusing and difficult for them.


Fun, Real Moments

Then we can spend the rest of the session capturing fun moments and individual and other group shots both naturally, as we explore the surroundings, and more formally with different backdrops.

family walking outdoors

Toys and Pets Welcome Too

You are welcome to bring a favourite (small) toy that you child/ren loves as this can also help to make them feel at ease!  And of course if you have a four legged family member, they are more than welcome to join too.

By the end of your Family Photography Session, I hope you will feel like you have spent a couple of hours on a walk with a friend!  I love a chat and I don’t mind being silly with the children, so you can rest assured, there is nothing formal about my photography sessions.


Now that you know what happens on a family photoshoot, and you think this sounds like your kind of Family Photography Session, get in touch to chat about booking your own session this year.