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Headshots & personal branding

If you are just setting up or running your own small business, things like headshots are very easily overlooked while you're focussing on the important bits of getting your business off the ground and noticed.  But, in todays online world, it's highly likely that the first impression any prospective client is going to have of you is via your website or social media profiles.  If that first impression is based on a cropped photo from Auntie Ann's christmas party a couple of years ago, it's not necessarily showing you off to your full potential!

I offer three packages to suit your budget.  Please do get in contact to find out how to book your headshots for small business photography session.



* 20 minute photo session

* 3 digital images

2018 - Headshot Ben Adam-Smith 002



* Photo session at your place of work or outdoors

(can include clothing changes)

* 10 digital images

2013 - Kate Fuller 026



* Photo session at your place of work,

to include interior and exterior shots, up to three peoples' headshots

and further branding shots if required.

2019 - Sharp Thinking Branding 012
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