I always say, these are YOUR photos, so make sure you are comfortable and wearing clothes that reflect you as a family!  Having said that, it's a great idea to put a little bit of forethought into what you're going to wear, so that your images show you all off in the best light and we take advantage of the beautiful backdrop of bluebells.

Amongst the bluebells, you will be surrounded by the acid green of the bluebell foliage as well as the vibrant purply/blue of the flowers themselves. 

It's a great idea to choose a clothing colour scheme that fits in with these base colours so I can highly recommend neutral tones - such as pale pinks, greys and creams. Other spring colours can look beautiful as well - whites, pastle yellows and light blues. 

Choosing a base colour to start with and then dressing the rest of the family around that is a great idea.  It can still be chilly in April, so it's a good plan to make sure you have layers available to keep warm if necessary, without having to wear chunky coats.

This year has been especially wet, so it's likely that the access to the bluebell wood will be very muddy.  With that in mind, it's probably best if everyone is wearing wellies, or other appropriate footwear.  The actual location of the shoot is dryer, so if you'd like to bring other footwear to put on for the photos, that is not a problem!

Please remember that our beautiful bluebells are very fragile and don't like being trampled on!  I'll ask all children on arrival to do their best not to walk on the flowers themselves, but it's a great help if they are prepared by you in advance of the shoot as well.  Any smaller babies and toddlers will need to be kept off the flowers wherever possible.

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