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Clothing suggestions

When preparing for your photography session, there are a few simple ideas that you can adopt to help turn your final images into beautiful and timeless portraits.

We are aiming for a look that is coordinated rather than having you all matching! If you can choose two or three complementary colours to wear within your family group, this will avoid a look that is busy or clashing, but rather ties everyone together visually, giving a pleasing end result. Conversely, avoiding blocks of colour is advisable (no all-blacks or all-whites) otherwise, you might end up looking like an album cover!!

The majority of my outdoor location sessions are in parks and gardens near Tunbridge Wells.  During spring and summer, bright, bold colours (except green) look great, as well as gentle patterns and subtle textures. In the Autumn and Winter, richer colours will help to coordinate the seasons natural colours; so yellows, oranges and browns/beiges look great teamed with chunky textures.

It can help to find one key piece of clothing and dress the rest of the family around that. So if a child had a favourite clothing item, or you have a particular top you love, use this as your starting point and work around that.

Really (really) busy patterns are best avoided, but stripes or dots or florals can look lovely. Sports shirts or anything with a logo can detract from your final photographs, so leave those in the wardrobe on the day of your session.

Arguably, the most important thing to remember is to wear what is comfortable and that you feel at ease in. Don’t bribe your little ones into stiff collared, scratchy shirts, because they’ll probably end up whinging throughout your entire session! If everyone is happy, your photos will reflect that.

Pop over to my Pinterest season boards for some more inspiration on how to dress for your family photography session.

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