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 Multi Aperture Frame

I have selected two multi aperture frames to offer you.  With a choice of either contemporary or traditional frame mouldings both, styles give a classic, elegant look.  Presented with a double mount, each image within the frame will stand out for maximum visual impact.

Measuring 30 x 24, you can choose either 6 or 9 apertures.

Available with a black or white frame.

Multi Aperture Frame:

30″ x 24″ (6 or 9 portraits) = £599

Canvas Tray Frame

This gorgeous Canvas Tray Frame is left open, without glass, and the Matte Canvas Print sitting flush with the front of the solid wood frame for a beautifully minimalist feel.
A shadow gap is left between the inside edge of the Tray Frame and the side of the canvas creating an eye catching, dramatic piece of art.

3 frame colour options are available; black, white and oak.

Canvas Tray Frame:

36″ x 24″ = £499

24″ x 16″ = £449

16″ x 12″ = £399

Canvas Print Wrap

The canvas is printed on high quality White Cotton Canvas, sealed with a protective laminate and stretched around a wooden frame.

The laminate makes the canvas splash-proof and provides extra UV protection against fading, thus increasing the longevity of your image.

It comes ready to hang with a brass fixing on the reverse of the canvas.

Canvas Print Wrap:

36″ x 24″ = £499

24″ x 16″ = £449

16″ x 12″ = £399

Heritage Wall Frame

This popular natural wood effect frame is elegant and effortless!  It features a deep recess and is available in 5 frame colours.

Heritage Wall Frame:

36″ x 24″ = £499

(Print size is 28×16)

24″ x 16″ = £449

(Print size is 18×10)

16″ x 12″ = £399

(Print size is 10×6)

Loft Wall Frame

A classic and simple wooden frame featuring intricate line detailing and available in 8 moulding colours.

Loft Wall Frame:

36″ x 24″ = £499

(Print size is 30×18)

24″ x 16″ = £449

(Print size is 16×9)

16″ x 12″ = £399

(Print size is 12×8)

Folio Print Box

A handcrafted photo box to hold your fine art prints.

Folio Print Box:

7×5 print box with 5 prints = £299

10×8 print box with 10 prints = £349

12×8 print box with up to 20 prints = £399

T&Cs: After your photography session, you are under no obligation to purchase any images if you don’t wish to.  However, if you would like to order just a few images or prints rather than any wall products or folio boxes, due to the time involved in post production of your lovingly captured portraits, administration and maintenance of your online gallery there is a minimum order fee of £299.