Want to know what colours look good for a photoshoot in a lavender field? 

Read on! 

Before I start, I just want to say these will be YOUR photos, so just remember to make sure you are comfortable and wearing clothes that reflect you as a family! 😊

Having said that, it’s a great idea to put a little bit of forethought into what you’re going to wear, so that your images show you all off in the best light as we take advantage of the beautiful backdrop of lavender. 

You’re likely to want to display your images around your home for years to come, so the careful thought you put into deciding what to wear prior to your shoot will pay off for the many happy years your photographs are displayed around your home. 

Choosing a base colour to start with and then dressing the rest of the family around that is a great idea.  So if a child has a favourite clothing item, or you have a particular outfit you love, use this as your starting point and work around that.  


Think through what you would like everyone to wear and plan in advance.

A great place to start when thinking through what to wear for your photo shoot, is to choose a theme.  So this could be smartformalcasual or smart casual

Within this theme, it’s a great idea to choose a couple of hues to develop your colour scheme around.  Use your brightest choice of colour sparingly and blend in the rest of your clothing choices accordingly. 


Layers are a great way to add visual interest; a jacket, a shawl or a thin scarf can be added or taken away to change up the images.

Colours & Patterns!

It’s best to stay away from big, busy patterns which draw attention.  However, gentle stripes, subtle spots or understated florals can look lovely.  Darker colours can be slimming, but as we’ll be in the lavender fields in the middle of summer , don’t go all goth on me!! 😊 




Don’t feel the need to leave accessories at home though!  Boy children look so cute in braces or a flat cap!  What little girl doesn’t love a floral headband!  Earrings, necklaces, hats are all welcome.  And if your child has a favourite (small, preferrably neutrally coloured) teddy – feel free to bring them along too!

Be comfortable

Arguably, the most important thing to remember is to wear what is comfortable and in which you feel at ease.

Little girls look lovely in a dress and boys scrub up nicely in a shirt – but if they aren’t comfortable on the day of your photo shoot they are unlikely to enjoy the experience and we want your pictures to reflect a happy time!

If you need any more inspiration on what to wear for your photo shoot, have a look below at some colour combinations and clothing styles.

Colours that look good in a lavender field

denim and tan clothing suggestions for what to wear on your family photo shoot
tan and pink clothing suggestions for what to wear on your family photo shoot

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Some colour palettes which might look good amongst the lavender…

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